Filter-All Inc.


Our names Filter-All says it all; Filtration is our one and only business. We have been in business since 1984. We manufacture a complete line of industrial cloth filter elements from a wide variety of fabrics. We specialize in making unusual size elements or those requiring special material.  

We stock filter media ranging from diatomaceous earth to special formulations for difficult filtration applications.

Filter-All Goals

Filter-All is a growing, well-funded and well managed company dedicated to excellence through quality, hard work, and a genuine concern for customer needs. Our intent is to provide our customers with quality products and timely deliveries at an equitable value:

We pledge to be honest and responsible with our customers, our suppliers, and our co-workers.

We will constantly strive to improve the quality of our products as well as our service.

We will continue our emergency response program to our customers. Most emergency orders are shipped the same day if at all possible.

Filter-All can provide virtually any filter fabric and filter configuration that you would need.  In addition, we offer much more than the sewing of fabrics. Filter-All is people with considerable hands-on experience and knowledge in various aspects of both dry filtration and liquid filtration. We have a great deal to offer, in addition to very competitive pricing, quick shipment, and stringent quality control.