Filter-All Inc.

Pressure filtration is where the filtration equipment is located on the discharge side of the pump. Pressure filters generally enter into a wash and cake discharge mode at the end of the filtration cycle. Filter-All supplies replacement filter cloths for all types of pressure filtration equipment.

Vacuum filtration is where the filtration equipment is located on the suction side of the pump. Vacuum filters are simple and reliable machines and therefore have gained wide acceptance in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Filter-All supplies replacement cloths for all styles of vacuum filters

Filter-All excels in the application of filter medias used in the separation of liquids and solids. Our managers and employees have accrued over 75 years of experience in the field of liquid filtration and media selection. We manufacture Press Cloths, Filter Belts, Disc Filters, Centrifuge Cloths, Pressure Leaf Covers, Candle Filters, Prayon Filters, Horizontal Belt Filters, Vacuum Pan Filters, Sector Covers, Strainer Bags, Paper Filters and Roll Goods. We can manufacture these products out of most any media options including non- woven felts, woven spun, multifilament, and monofilament fabrics. We also offer most hardware and accessories such as filter plates, filter leaves, and caulking cords. We have the knowledge, manufacturing experience, and a stocking program in place to ensure a quality product that will comply with the strictest filtration requirements.

Pressure Filters


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